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Frequently Asked Question About Curbing

Get Answers to All Your Questions About Curbing

Curbing gives a beautiful look to your home and garden. You may have questions on how to give your home a facelift. Here are a few that we thought you could ask about curbing. Cardinal Curbing offers a 1-year WARRANTY on all curbing services.
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Q. How long are those pieces and where do I buy them?
A. “They” are not pieces or sections. The breaks you see every 3 feet are expansion/control joints. The curbing is installed as one piece on each job.

Q. Is this landscape curbing a new product, and does it last?
A. It's definitely more appealing now than prior to 1999. As far as the curbing lasting over a long time frame, it depends on the installer and how well the customer takes care of it.

We use top-of-the-line products to ensure long-lasting curbing and even go the extra mile and use special additives, such as reinforcement wires and sealants, to ensure the clearest and most consistent color.

Q. How deep do you dig and how deep is the footing?
A. We dig 1 to 2 inches deep and about 10 inches wide. This can be done without disturbing your existing landscape beds. There's no footer as the curb is concrete and acts as its own footer.

Q. Will the curbing crack?
A. We experience very little cracking. However, concrete will crack. We take every precaution to limit the cracking and try to control it with expansion joints.

Q. Can I afford this?
A. Compared to “do it yourself” blocks that you can purchase and install yourself, Cardinal Curbing prices are reasonable. All of our services come with an added benefit of having a professional install them for you.
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