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Early Care Instructions for Your Curbing

Curbing Care Instructions

It's important that you take a few steps when your curb is first installed to ensure that it achieves its proper curing time. Cardinal Curbing makes sure that you take care of your curbing. Keep children and pets away from curbing for 24 hours. It'll be hard to the touch at this point but will still need a few more weeks to fully cure.

If you need to work around the curbing before it's fully cured, please take some precautions. 
  • Do not run a wheelbarrow directly over the curb
  • Build a ramp of dirt at least 6 inches over the curb to protect it
  • Avoid weed eating around the curb for a week
  • As the curbing dries, it may look splotchy, which is a normal part of the curing process, and will dry uniformly after it's fully cured
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Increase the Life of Your Curbing 

  • We recommend the additional application of sealant to the curbing after 30 days, and also once a year from then on
  • We provide a 1-year WARRANTY against installation-created defects and material-related defects. We'll repair these problems at no charge
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